Building an IDEAL World™

Conscious Choices

IDEAL Industries Inc. is committed to making conscious choices towards employees, customers and communities. IDEAL prioritizes creating a safe and inclusive workplace, delivering high-quality products and giving back to the communities where it operates. The company supports charitable organizations and encourages employees to volunteer. This commitment to social responsibility is an example of strong social governance, creating value for all stakeholders and contributing to a more sustainable future.

IDEAL Inclusion Council

IDEAL Industries Culture of Belonging & Inclusion Strategic Intent Statement: The IDEAL Inclusion Council helps foster an inclusive workplace diversity and a sense of belonging. Through long-standing values embedded in respect for all, we aim to leverage each person's unique contributions so, we can continue to grow the individual and the business.

IDEAL Women's Council

The IDEAL Women's Council advocates for women across IDEAL Industries Inc. It promotes a more inclusive culture by challenging conventions and driving advancement for all.


Recent advancements made by the organization includes a 150% increase in parental leave time for all new parents. 

IDEAL™ Electrical Sustainability

In addition to recycling cardboard, metal scrap and plastic from molding operations, we also convert our PVC jars to PET. Our warehouses have more natural light to reduce the use of artificial lighting and LEDs have been installed throughout our facilities reducing overall power consumption by seventy-five percent and eliminating mercury waste from vapor lights. 

Anderson Power™ Sustainability

Anderson Power has a silver medal from EcoVadis which comprises the top twenty-five percent of all companies on the EcoVadis system covers a broad range of management systems: environmental, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Additionally, the Shenzhen facility will be carbon neutral by 2025.

"At IDEAL Industries, we believe that by prioritizing social responsibility, we're not only benefiting the communities we serve, and we're ensuring the sustainability and longevity of our business for generations to come."


- Nicole Juday, Executive Director the IDEAL Industries Foundation and 4th Generation Family Member